Thursday, September 29, 2011

26 September 2011, this week's letter

Hey Everybody!

       Well, kind of like I was speculating last week...we had a lot of changes for this next transfer! Despite that we were expecting me to transfer, if anyone...I will be staying here in Matsumoto for my fifth transfer, and Elder DeMille is transferring! He is transferring to a place called Toyama up in the Kanazawa area, and his new companion is Elder Kutney! It`s kind of gone around in a big circle...Elder Kutney trained me, I trained Elder DeMille, and now they are comps together. Elder Kutney is actually finishing his mission at the end of this transfer, so Elder DeMille is his last companion. As for me, I am getting another nihonjin companion! His name is Elder Numakura, and I haven`t really ever talked with him...but he was part of my kohai group in the MTC, and I`m looking forward to getting to know him better :) This next transfer will be a pretty interesting one actually...I am still district leader here in Matsumoto, but I will be the only gaijin amidst the five nihonjins in my district! Sister Kumagai left this morning for the honbu because she is finishing her mission, and Sister Shimoji got a new nihonjin companion. On top of that, there is a Japanese senior missionary couple who are coming in to Matsumoto in the next few kind of like when I was with Elder Ogaki, I`m the only American person in the branch! It will be a lot of fun, just kind of an interesting feeling. haha. Anyway, pretty much every area in our zone changed, and we are all going to head down to Nagoya like usual tomorrow to pick up our new companions.
        This week has been a pretty interesting one! Haven`t had a lot of success with getting lessons to hold through again...but we aren`t giving up by a long shot, and we have continued to have really great activities that have been getting our in-actives out with the rest of the branch. We have also been able to see Jeewan some more through those too. We had probably one of the best activities ever this past weekend...we worked out with a member to get a big van together and put together a trip to a place called Kamikochi. It is pretty much the most famous place in the alps around here...and I think that you will probably be able to see why from the absolutely amazing place! We had two in active members, a recent convert, the sisters, and Jeewan all along on it, and it was a really fun day. We actually had the opportunity to talk to a TON of people while were there...Kamikochi is a huge place for tourists, and we ran into a lot of different gaijins while we were there. We ran into a family from France who are living in Tokyo, and got to talk with them for good little while. They were all multi-lingual, and living here for two years while their father works. We exchanged names and phone numbers, and were getting to be good friends by the time that we left. We also got to talk to a really neat Japanese family, also from Tokyo, who all spoke a little bit of English...and a lot of Japanese. ;) haha. We talked with them all the time that we were walking back, and we are referring them to the Tokyo missionaries. They actually kept on telling us that they want us to come over to their house and visit. Pretty awesome!
         I actually don`t have a lot of time this week because of all of the things that we have to take care of...also Jeewan showed up at the church just now. We are having a family home evening tonight and he is coming to it :) Thanks for all of your e-mails, there were so many of them waiting for me! Natalie and Jake sent me some awesome pictures of Quirt...he is getting so big! I love you all so much, have a great week! The gospel is true! :)

                                                                                              -Elder Voss

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