Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012年2月13日 -- 13 February 2012

Hello Family! 

          Time continues to fly on by! There has been so much happening this week! Due to the fact that we are teaching the shimai`s old investigators now too, we have really needed the members help to make sure all our lessons have a sit-in, and they have really risen to the need :) We had a great lesson with one of the shimai`s investigators and the first counselor in our branch presidency this past Tuesday, and she seems like she is in a good place to progress right now. She is a school teacher, so she is super busy all the time, but we re-established the purpose for the missionaries meeting with her, and she committed to read and pray. We have another appointment with her next week. O----- we were also able to meet with on Saturday which was a relief! It was great to be able to meet with him in person again instead of just talking on the phone every night. He told us that he feels pretty confident that he has overcome the difficulty he had before, and now just has a little bit of a concern regarding the law of tithing. We are planning to meet this week with him and a member, teach tithing and hopefully be able to resolve his concern with that and keep him all set for his date on the 26th. 

           S---- has been doing amazing! We were able to have four lessons with her this past week, and she is doing so well! She was a little worried about both the word of wisdom and law of tithing, but we had great help from the members with teaching those things and she is having no trouble with them :) After we taught the word of wisdom, she had an experience that completely confirmed for her that it is a commandment of God, and from that really strengthened her desire to follow it. She continues to share with us every day the feelings that she has as she reads the scriptures and prays, and it has been such a wonderful experience to see her testimony grow, not so much little by little as by leaps and bounds :) She wasn`t able to come to church this past Sunday because she was sick, which was unfortunate because we were going to ask her husband for permission then for her to be baptized, but she is feeling better now, and we have an appointment to do that on Wednesday. She is really really doing great...we are so excited for her! :) 

         Something else that we have been excited about lately is family home evenings  with the less active members here in the branch! I`ve probably mentioned this several times, but one of the things that President Baird has suggested that we do is get family home evening activities going with the less actives to strengthen them and bring them back to church. We have been having some good success with scheduling those, so we are looking forward to that. 

         I was going to write more, but we actually just got a call from S---- saying that she is actually going to be in Matsumoto this evening and wants to meet up in twenty minutes! :) We`ve got to run and get things ready. Hope you have an awesome week everyone, I love you! 

                                                                                                                          -Elder Voss

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