Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2月おめでとう!Happy February!

Hey Family! 

          This week has just flown by! The first week after transfers is always pretty crazy...and this one was no exception. The sister missionaries are gone from Matsumoto, so we have been trying to get all of their records and investigators sorted out...and that along with all of our normal activities has kept us super busy! Every area in our zone changed, and there are first time senior companions and district leaders, so things already feel busier than last transfer...but it`s fun! Elder Skankey has been way fun to work with so far, and has really been a huge help to get things running smoothly for this new transfer. 
          This week we weren`t actually able to meet for a lesson with S---- due to first having her move the appointment from Wednesday to Friday, and then on Thursday night we got a e-mail from the honbu saying that we had zone leader conference the next morning down in Nagoya...which we had completely not known about. haha. That was kind of a hectic rush to get everything ready to go down there, but it was a great experience like the other two I`ve been to. We have three new zone leaders this transfer, and two of them are Japanese, so for the first time since I became a zone leader we did the whole six hour meeting in Japanese. That was pretty cool. Anyway though, we weren`t able to meet for an official lesson, but she came to church again yesterday, and brought her husband this time! :) It was way way good...he seems to be a really nice guy, and when we talked to him about his wife learning about the church he didn`t have any problem with it. He left early, but S---- stayed for the whole three hours, and then later on in the evening the relief society president invited her and a few other people over to her house to have dinner and get to know each other better. We went together with the matsuhashi couple, and after the meal they shared a great message about the values and things that we promote as a church. We have our next appointment on Wednesday and she looks all good for her baptism date on the 19th. So excited for her! :)
           O----- has been busy this week...haven`t really been able to meet, but he has had a lot more success with keeping the commitments that we gave him. 
           We actually had a really cool experience today, when we were coming back from shopping. It was raining pretty good, and I was just biking along, thinking about how many times I had taken that exact same trip for groceries every Monday, and then as silly as it seems, a movie advertisement caught my eye, and we stopped for a second to see what it was. We were standing there for probably about 10 seconds, talking, when this older looking guy came walking around the corner  and started staring at us. We didn`t really think much of it, because people stare at us all the time, but he came over to us and started talking with us by saying " Hey, are you from Utah?" in English! We were pretty surprised, but I assured him that no, I`m not from Utah, I`m from California and that we are missionaries. He was like "Yeah, you`re the mormons, right? Do you have English class at your church?" We told him yes and gave him a flier for eikaiwa and then exchanged phone numbers with him...not really sure if he really plans on coming, but he seemed pretty interested, and that he might want to learn more than just about English. Anyway, to make a long story short...it was just a neat little reminder for me that no matter how many times I feel like I have taken that road, and know it backwards and forwards, the Lord is still guiding people that we can talk to into those paths. 
            Oh, one other interesting that came up in zone leader conference....we are going to be doing zone conference on the 21st of this month, and as zone leaders we have been assigned to give two hours of training during it! It`s a pretty long time block, and it`s my first time actually doing training like that at a zone conference...but I think it`s going to be fun :) I guess it`s pretty much just like the district meetings that I taught as a district leader, just about 30 minutes longer and along with another person to help.
             Yeah, actually I`ve gotta get going...but have a great week, I`ll look forward to seeing your e-mails next week! :) I love you! 

                                                                                                                                          -Elder Voss

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