Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monday, 17 October 2011, Email

Hey everyone! 

      We have had good things happening this week! I think that the biggest success, was that the 14 year old boy, Yoshiki, who we`ve been working with for To The Rescue, came to church yesterday! We were able to meet with him a couple times throughout the week, and committed him to come to church...which he kept, and seemed to have a great time! He is an incredibly bright kid, and despite being in-active for so long, really has a sound understanding of gospel principles. We were sitting in Sacrament Meeting with him, and he expressed that he wants to be able to pass the Sacrament, so hopefully we will be able to see that in the next few weeks too :) 
      We have been able to meet with several of our investigators this week...but everyone except one seems to be up against a wall when it comes to actually progressing. We are kind of going through a lot of tough decisions, trying to determine who is actual sincere investigator status, and who we might be better off not focusing on as much right now. We were able to meet with Yoshiya again this past week, and it went pretty well! He understands the things that he is reading in the book of mormon SO well! It`s totally the normal for most people to have a really hard time understanding the things that they read in the book of mormon at first...but with him it`s the complete opposite. He read, thought about it a lot, and then shared all of that with us there in the lesson. Needless to say, we thought it was pretty cool :) 
       We have been fighting off a cold or some sort of bug this past week, so that has made things a little bit difficult...started with headaches and sore throats and then little bits of fever and that sort of fun thing...we figure that it is most likely due to the fact that the temperature is fluctuating so much lately. Kind of pain, but we are just doing our best to keep things moving here and help the people in any way we can. 
       This past Saturday for an activity we had a ping pong tournament! Everyone invited their investigators, and we invited a lot of the in-active members that we have been visiting lately. It was a lot of fun! Well, I`m absolutely terrible at ping pong...but I gave it a whack, and it was a lot of fun to watch everyone else play like professionals. A lot of people play ping pong really intensely from the time they are little here...I never thought that so much form and technique could be applied to hitting a little ball across the table...till I came here. haha. Still on an activity note, we are having a FHE tonight at the church...(katei no yuube) and are really hoping to again get investigators and in-actives there. We`re making Taco Rice, and having games and it should be pretty fun.      
        Last night we had an appointment with the Kawabata family (one of the largest families in the branch) and ended up sharing a message with them from this month`s Liahona about The Iron Rod. We have actually been teaching a lot about Lehi`s dream and the significance of The Iron Rod in Eikaiwa as well as investigator lessons...and I absolutely loved the article that Elder Bednar gave in the Liahona about holding on to it. He talks about the difference between merely holding onto The Iron Rod, and diligently, actively, holding onto it. When it comes to that, I think that it is so interesting to see the difference in perspective form before my mission, and now. Before my mission, I was trying to actively hold onto The Iron Rod as best I could...and now, I`m doing my best to actively hold on, while actively going out among the people lost in the darkness and helping to lead them to grasp the rod as well. It`s something that I`ve thought about before, it`s just hit me with particular clarity lately. That image really has just given me even a greater sense of urgency and importance for this work. 
          Thank you for all your love and support, I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week, the gospel is true! 

                                                                                                       -Elder Voss

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