Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving! (感謝際!) E-mail 21 November 2011

Dear Family,

             Hey!  Well, things are getting really cold here in Matsumoto! There have been a couple times when we have been freezing to our handlebars, but it`s been a really good week :) Otsuki came to church!! That is probably one of the most exciting things that we have had recently...he seemed to really like everyone there and was really impressed by the speakers. We did have a little bit of a issue come up with his baptism date for this next Sunday though. We introduced the Word of Wisdom to him a while back, and at that time he gave us the impression that he didn`t have any problem with keeping it, so we continued on with the lessons with the intention of reviewing it today and double checking just to be sure. Well, yesterday he talked with the branch president and it turns out that he actually does have some things that he will have to work it might be a little longer before he is baptized. It definitely isn`t something that can`t be worked through though...we met with him today, talked over the word of wisdom, and he said that he wants to hang in there and work as much as he can to overcome those things...and that he really feels like this is where he needs to be going. We`re going to meet again with him on Saturday, and until that point he is going to work gradually to overcome those things one at a time. Despite the fact that his baptism is delayed for a bit, I feel that it is the best possible situation that it could be...and that his faith is just going to keep growing stronger and stronger. He is an amazing man, he really is. 
           We met with a couple other investigators this week...went out to do a service project for Yoshiya`s family again, and had some good lessons with others...but unfortunately I don`t have much time left at all. I guess to sum things up for this week...we are going to being having our first area district coordination meeting this week with all of the church leaders of Nagano ken on next Sunday, so that should be fun. I guess we have it once a month as zone leaders, and we just discuss all of things that will be happening with missionary work in the next month, and what we want to have happen. It feels so weird because I remember back in January when I first came to Nagano ken as a junior companion with Elder Kekauoha...and now almost a year later, I`m still in Nagano, but as a zone leader. Time flies. Actually, as zone leaders we had a bit of an exciting thing this week...I think I mentioned this before, but President Baird has recently been emphasizing on completely obeying the morning schedule down to the really little things. We have been working to help everyone so that they can accomplish that, and this past week we became the first zone in the mission to have everyone up at 6:15 instead of 6:30, and ready to go every morning! :) We were really excited about that...we feel that this zone is really feeling the blessings of that obedience. New investigators are showing up, current investigators are progressing, and everyone is feeling even more committed to the work! Really really exciting things to see :) 
             Thanks so much as always for your e-mails...sorry I can`t reply to more of them! I love all you guys so much, have a great week! The gospel is true! 

                                                                                                                                        -Elder Voss

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